Building the Klondike Boat

June 22 - 24: Interior

With the boat now rightside up, its time to fit the interior details: sheer clamp, seat risers, thwarts, foredeck and framing, and mast step.


The sheer clamp is notched into the frames.
Once again, you can never have too many clamps!

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Sawing off the projecting frame ends.


Cutting notches for the seat riser to lay square against the frame.


Now to deal with those knotholes! Recall that we are using somewhat "flawed" spruce, on purpose. The Klondike stampeders did not generally have access to clear "boatbuilding" grade lumber. Its more than a little unnerving to see the knots falling out of the planks! But easily, and securely, remedied.


End of day, June 22, with sheer clamps in, and seat riser laying in the boat while being fitted.

Fitting the seat risers...a very difficult fit with compound bevels on each end and no way to test fit the entire piece. Ended up being a very good tight fit with a final hair-thin shave off the end.

Bingo, the shipyard hound, keeps an eye on things.

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Which way to Dawson?
Trying out the new thwart and oars. (June 23).


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Harry's hi-speed building techniques (and compound mitre saw) paid off handsomely on the foredeck. (June 24).

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