Building the Klondike Boat

July 20-22: Launching at Lake Bennett

Greg Chaney headed back up to Lake Bennett July 20-22 for the launch day and some rigging instruction.
The rail crew had soaked her with water before the launch, then lined up a backhoe to gently haul the boat off the flatcar and down to the beach. An anxious moment!
White Pass backhoe moves her to the bank.


The backhoe places her on log skids on the shoreline. With a big push, she's off...and floats! The boat really seemed to come alive at this moment.
Down the skids.


First row! Heading out from shore she moves smoothly along. Amazingly, the gear all seems to work!
Heading out.


Rowing to the shore in front of the beach at Bennett.
To the shore


With her mast now rigged, she's ready to go!
A quiet evening at Bennett.


Rigging practice at Lake Bennett.


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