Building the Klondike Boat

Stem and Transom Details

Mary Ann cuts the half-laps for the transom framing.

Nailing the Transom Laps
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Completed transom lap joint, fastened with clenched square boat nails.
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Adjusting the transom side bevel with the jack plane.
MaryAnn adjusts the bottom bevel on the transom, now planked and fastened in place.
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Boatshop rings to the sweet percussion of the caulking mallet as Harry sets the cotton in the transom seams.

Cutting the stem bevels on the ancient bandsaw
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Harry came up with this nifty jig projecting from the backbone to align and attach the triangular stem.
Blocks screwed to the aft end of the stem fit it a slot in the jig for basic alignment.
Stem area, before stem cap is fit. Ends of gunwales left running free until the stem cap is down. Ends of planks still exposed.
Joe is admiring the stem cap or "false stem" which MaryAnn and Harry fit to bury the hood end of the planking.
Detail on the stem cap, fastened with large square boat nails.

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