Background: Frantic Films, the "Quest for Gold" and historical research

Frantic Films of Winnipeg, Manitoba, is embarking on a new adventure documentary film, "Klondike: The Quest for Gold" which will send a team of 5 adventurers down the Klondike trail, with primitive equipment, attempting to have the participants experience what it was like for the tens of thousands who struggled, suffered (and quite a few who perished) during the Klondike gold rush of 1897-98.

The story line has three of the adventurers purchasing a roughly made boat from the sawmill which operated on the shores of Lake Bennett in 1897, after completing the arduous task of packing their gear over Chilkoot Pass. For us, the adventure is making the boat!

First, a lot of research, perusing old photos, and other period information was in order. One item of interest was traditional boat archivist and explorer Edwin Tappan Adney's "Klondike Stampede", which contains some details of typical Klondike boat construction.

Other Historical Resources(and photographs), of Klondike boats which might not easily found elsewhere.

Others who have built Klondike replicas are good sources of information.

Period Materials background for building a Klondike era boat.

Online historical photos of some important details of the boats.

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