Building the Klondike Boat

June 9 - 14: Chine Logs and Framing Wrapup

Chine logs were milled out of rough-cut spruce, then frames were notched with a handsaw to the final chine log dimensions.

Adjusting the frame notches for final fit of the chine logs.

With one chine log on its starting to look like a boat!

End of day (June 9) with both chine logs fit and clamped. Very satisfying to finally be able to visualize the 3D shape of the boat full size. All agree this looks very similar to the most common Klondike stampeder's boats!
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Frame side and chine log bevels are adjusted for a final fit.
After fitting intermediate frames the shape is even more obvious. All frames except #1 are now fit.

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Side view with all frames fit.

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Alaska boatbuilding distractions: workers temporarily abandon project for closer look as three bears are sighted bounding through the meadow across the street.

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