Building the Klondike Boat

June 19: Planking The Bottom

Fastening bottom planks (June 19). You can never have too many clamps!
Stem and transom have been trimmed.

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Driving the big square nails for the bottom planks.
Limber holes are zipped in at this stage.
Fitting an outside plank, avoiding knotholes as best as possible, given this all too "realistic" Klondike spruce planking stock.
With the bottom planked, the Bennett Boatbuilding crew attacks the remaining side fastening and trimming tasks.
A few more fastenings, a few more things to trim up.

  Forward view from inside the upside-down boat, with all planks on.
Days end, June 19 - entire bottom planked in one day!

Next step is to roll the boat over and complete the inside Details. (inwale, seat riser, thwarts, mast step)


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