Building the Klondike Boat

June 24: Rollover (again)

With the interior completed (almost) its time to roll the boat back upside down to caulk and finish the bottom. We waited as long as possible in the assembly to caulk as the green planks are still drying out and shrinking, opening up the seams. We're hoping they are not too wide to hold caulking, and when they get wet again things should swell up very nice and tight.

We were able to round up a good crew of neighbors, plus ourselves. The boat is much heavier than during the last rollover because of all the interior members that have been added - it was about all this crew could do to lift it!


Getting ready to lift....
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Outside the shop now and ready to roll.
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Over she goes!!


Back in the shop and ready for the caulking mallet...
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