The Nearshore Beach Fishermen of Yachigashira, Japan

Unanswered Questions

When I left the fishing community, I had far more questions than when I arrived, which is an enjoyable state of affairs: there is far more to this puzzle than I have thus far uncovered.
  • Will they replace the older wooden boats?
  • Are there still trees near Mori large enough to get a boat bottom out of a single, shaped plank?
  • What are the details of construction?
  • Are the glass boats really displacing the older wooden boats?
  • How do they keep from fishing out the limited coastal fishery resources?
  • Can the fishery resources support a more expensive boat?
  • Who controls the raising of the orange flag?
  • Who determines when they fish?
  • Is there controlled access this fishery, and how does that work?
  • What do they do during the winters? (must be unfishable)
  • Do they operate independently, or as a cooperative?

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