Clove goes Truckin'

May 22, 1999

Rules of the Road, hey, is this one in Chapman?

"Caution: Boat X-ing"

Bruce dutifully waits for the light to turn green...

Finally, the shore!
Dolly truck has blade that inserts into centerboard trunk from bottom

It floats!

It Sails! 1 rig down, 100 more to go.
Note the polytarp sails. Bruce modified Laine's sail program to compute, very scientifically, the configuration of "darts" to insert in the sail with duct tape to form the shape. The gray duct tape matches the gray polytarp. The sail hung beautifully, much better than shone here. With this rapid sail configuring method, Bruce promises that he will test all 101 rigs in Bolger's Book!

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