Zeigers Launch the Martha Jane "Selkie"

Mark and Michelle Zeiger launched their Martha Jane "Selkie" at Auke Bay Harbor, Juneau, Alaska at 6 pm Friday June 29, 2001. This page has some preliminary photos of the event, which Mark will undoubtedly polish up for his great website where he has been covering the construction of Selkie.

Look for later updates over there! Also have a few photos of sailing the Martha Jane "Selkie", from the next day.

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Dave and Anke Zeiger arrived from Tenakee Springs, Alaska, with a freshly built Bolger Nymph in tow, which will serve as the yawlboat for Selkie's harbor transportation.
A rightfully proud builder just before launch posing next to his craft, as Millie James disembarks after inspection.

An anxious builder escorts Selkie down the ramp, with Harry James piloting the tow vehicle, and ...

Selkie kisses the water for the first time!

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With a mighty shove, she slides down the ways!

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Under tow from the yawl boat, Selkie heads to the dock to collect the remainder of her gear and get rigged.

Harry James hauls the spars down the dock...

While the kids bow well gets checked out.
Raising the mainmast seemed effortless with the counterweighted tabernacle.
Selkie, with spars up.
The first of what will undoubtedly be many congenial dinners in Selkie's ample cockpit.
Congratulations Mark and Michelle!!!

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