Juneau Winter Splash
(and Crash)
March 10, 2000

Greg launches the "Sea Rat"...

as Bruce is carted off to the emergency room!!!

Instant boats arrive by the truckload!

Pack 'em in!

the lineup begins...the blue Platt Montfort geodesic is a recent addition...

Nancy Long arrives with her Cartop Dory

Unfortunately, Bruce Simonson, when helping to unload Nancy's dory from the top of her car, slipped and fell on some loose gravel, fracturing his patella (kneecap) in 5 places! He was in serious pain, and the flashing red lights and ambulance got us off to a slow start. This is NOT what a knee is supposed to look like!

Bruce is amazingly cheerful as he is hauled off to the hospital, urging us to go on with the splash, but "beware the Ides of March"!

Greg Chaney's "Sea Rat" experiment launches for the first time! Greg came up with this unusual shape, under the 1 sheet constraint. The joints were laced together with seine twine, like an old Arab dhow, then filleted.

Zac Pease and I launch Zac's Wacky Lassie for the first time!
Zac designed the "custom scalloped" deck edges. He actually wanted it to look like shark's teeth at first, but I talked him out of that one!

The first paddle...

The pool is a safe place to experiment with the limits of stability

Jump Dad!

The Sea Rat goes to "rescue" a swamped Wacky Lassie (designer notes the Wacky Lassie rides quite low in the water with 2 kids when swamped)

Successful recovery by the Sea Rat

As usual, the boats spend much time swamped! That is one of the objectives: getting kids comfortable around swamped boats, and learning first-hand about stability in a safe place

Nancy Long practices sculling her dory

The Wacky Lassie can be reboarded quite dry by a child (with more practice)
The Wacky Noodles float her just high enough when swamped with 1 small passenger...

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