Juneau Winter Splash 99

Boats in the Pool

An informal group of Juneau area boatbuilders gathered at Juneau's Augustus Brown swimming pool on February 28, 1999 to launch their small craft (3 first-time launches!) in a warm spot. It proved to be a good opportunity to practice self-rescue, experiment with stability, and get kids comfortable around swamped boats. A wide variety of craft showed up: Bolger Teal (Mark and Michelle Zeiger), Bolger Brick (Beth Macinko-age 10), Devlin Guppy (Seth Macinko), Weekend Skiff (Bruce Simonson), Cartop Dory (Nancy Long), Bolger Pooh Sticks (Larry Talley), and Kids Double Paddle Canoes (Fritz and Joe Funk-age 7).

A lot of enthusiasm present, if not room to row!

Bruce's Weekend Skiff gets wet for the 1st time!

Zeigers' Teal hoists sail (yes that is a high dive in the background)!

Seth's Devlin Guppy goes in (his other boat is a Brick)

Brick goes over(?)
(Try an elephant on the gunwale next time?)

Nancy and Zac cast off in their Cartop Dory (1st launch!)

Joe and Connor give the kids 1 sheet double paddle canoes a workout

But the boys spent as much time trying to sink them
(getting kids comfortable around swamped boats--in warm water--was an objective)

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